Turn it into sunshine...

The power of confidential coaching comes from the space you and I create together to give you room to rise.


Ready to kick all the ass at life and love?

How do we invite the light? Keep reading.

Coaching Conversations

I'll facilitate our coaching conversations by:


Um, duh? Obvi. Okay, yeah, fair -- your dog can do that. But I listen beyond just your words. I listen to your body language, expression, tone, and energy (that's why I coach via video chat instead of phone). I listen for changes, or resistance, or excitement. I listen with curiosity and without judgement, knowing that you are whole and in command of your life. My listening informs the questions I'll ask you.


I ask questions that invite you to listen to what you have to say. I ask questions from a place of curiosity -- I will not try to edge you into a certain conclusion with my line of questioning. The truth about your needs/longings/desires, and the courage to stop playing small and live full-fire is already in you. So I ask questions to help create an openness you can fill with your own truth. I ask lots of questions. Pointed ones. Open-ended ones. Challenging ones. And then I give you time to sit with them, think about them, explore what comes up.


I'll remind you why you started when things feel hard. I'll call bullshit if you sell yourself -- or your dreams -- short. I'll celebrate tiny victories and huge breakthroughs with you with praise hand emojis and impromptu dance videos. I'll echo the new stories you write, so you can see from a different angle how much freaking beauty you're growing with your choices and actions. It's like you're a boxer, and I'm in your corner, ready to encourage you between rounds. Except, don't ever hand me your mouth guard. Like, ever, for any reason. Kthanks.


I support you throughout the week with personalized video messages, text messages, or emails. You decide what would be most helpful for you when it comes to encouragement and accountability.


I believe in the power of #empiricalevidence. Like, what do we want? Science. When do we want it? After it's been peer reviewed. I also believe in the potency of intuition, "gut feelings", and a few other concepts science hasn't yet proven or analyzed. In my practice as a coach there's room for both.

Studies conducted by experts in many fields (including neuroscience, psychology, education, and physiology) inform the exercises, visualizations, and activities that I create and use with clients. My personal academic study of human development, communication, educational psychology, and literature also influence the activities I design.

Many of these tools are inspired by situations that clients or friends have brought to me, or by experiences from my own life.


might be for you if...

Individual Coaching

Settle into yourself. Feel exhilarated and alive when you own your needs and take up space. Stop apologizing and give your energy to your life -- not your worry.

You often think you're "too much" or "not enough". You spend a whole lotta time apologizing for yourself and trying not to burden or disappoint other people.

Learn how to move through the dating process in ways that feel empowered and in alignment with who you are. Get specific about the relationship you desire. Grow resilience and calm and stay grounded in your self.

The dating process -- and all your dating apps -- are wearing you out and not working. You're thisclose to just saying eff it and getting like, 19 cats.

Get honest about what you actually desire -- if fear, and doubt, and exhaustion, and "yeah, but" weren't in the picture. Learn what you need to do to write new stories and start growing the life you want.

You feel like you're settling.

Identify and shift habits and patterns that aren't serving you. Learn how to replace unhelpful behaviors with new actions that align with the life and relationships you want.

You keep doing that thing that's not working for you, but you can't seem to change it.

Grow real self love and shift emotional habits to become resilient and grounded. 

Your emotions and sense of worth get pushed and pulled by other people's words and actions.

Develop an effective self care practice grounded in emotional and mental hygiene. Essential oils and sage smudging optional, but I love 'em!

You're taking all the bubble baths and lighting all the candles and this "self care" bs still isn't working for you.

Learn techniques to change your relationship with anxiety, and practical ways to manage anxiety in the moment.

Anxiety and worry keep you from living the life you dream about.


Couple Coaching

might be for you if...

Fight with intention and purpose. Learn how to come together to generate creative solutions and communicate in ways that feel good. 

You've been bickering or fighting about the same thing(s) for months, without any mutually satisfying resolution.

Ignite passion, excitement, and intimacy in ways that feel like exhilarating play -- not exhausting work.

Your sex life is more one hand waving emoji than praise hands-tongue-flames-water droplets emoji -- and it's not working for one or both of you.

Clarify specific needs and desires that aren't being met. Learn how to create a relationship that has both closeness for the couple and ample space for two individuals.

One -- or both -- of you doesn't feel like you have room in your relationship. You miss the you you had before.

Clarify what is and is not working for you. Generate a vision for change, and shift habits and behaviors to make that vision manifest. Learn new ways to communicate with yourself and with your partner.

You really want to come to coaching, but your parter doesn't.

When you fight, the cycle goes something like this:

painful fight... 

feeling wounded... 

emotional distance...

 gradually "getting over it".

Learn how to fight with one another instead of against each other. Build emotional closeness, camaraderie, and connection. Create space for both of you to express and explore your feelings and needs.

Explore, develop, and celebrate the couple culture of your relationship. Learn ways to nurture long term connection, passion, and joy.

You're satisfied, you laugh a ton, and you're connected and close. Everything feels great, and you want to intentionally learn how to maintain your fulfilling relationship.


All coaching & coaching inquiries are completely confidential.