It's time to stop making yourself smaller so that someone's love (or a half-lived life) will fit.

Hi! I'm Alice. I serve women who want big, juicy lives and relationships that have room for all of who they are.

You're exhausted.


Your relationship feels like a raw mess of exposed nerves.

Should you stay and work on the relationship? You still love your partner -- at least part of you does. If you stay, what does it even mean to "work on the relationship"?

Should you leave? You've fantasized about a wide-open adventure of coming home to your truest self. Your heart might even have one foot out the door with that other person who makes you feel so good.

I want to teach you how to quiet the noise so you can hear your own voice - and trust it. 

If you'd like to explore what a coaching relationship together could look like, email me at to schedule a free Fit Call.

A Fit Call is a free 60-minute audio call (no video) that gives you a chance to ask any questions you have, to experience a brief coaching session, and for both of us to explore if we make a strong team for the work you want to do right now.

If the description above doesn't sound like you, but you're curious about working together (or you were referred to me by someone,) send me an email! Let's chat about what you're looking for from a coaching relationship right now.

I know it can be hard to reach out for support. I also know that you can do hard things -- and that you are worth it.

This website is in the process of getting a Queer Eye-esque make-better so it can be as fresh and fly as the work my clients and I do together (insert dance move), but in the meantime, please don't hesitate to email me with any questions.