Hi! I'm Alice.

I'm a relationship coach and communication educator, and I teach people to create big juicy love -- without changing who they are.

Phenomenal communication, great sex, and epic love that feels like home and adventure aren’t things you “find” or luck your way into -- they’re experiences you build with your choices, habits, and skills.


I’m real into the vision of a world where every person knows how to confidently co-create the relationship they actually want -- and where children inherit empowered emotional legacies from parents who chose to learn a new way. 


I started this work because I want to be part of bringing that vision to life.


In my private practice I serve clients within the U.S. and internationally (online and over the phone) through one-on-one coaching and education for individuals and couples.


I also lead workshops in-person and online around communication, emotional processing, and intimate relationship-building.

When I’m not working, I love playing outside (climbing, surfing, mountain biking, generally getting lost and finding myself in big wild places with no cell service) and traveling. 


Recently my partner and I have been enjoying traveling between our couch and the fridge. They’re both lovely this time of year.

This website is in the process of getting a Queer Eye-esque make-better so it can be as fresh and fly as the work my clients and I do together (insert dance move followed by sassy hair flip.)


In the meantime, email me with any questions you have about one-on-one coaching or upcoming workshops.


My email is: alice@alicetj.com



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